• Administration

    We can virtually eliminate ALL of the tedious back office work.

    With a higly qualified and multilingual staff, Madison Administrative Services will help you eliminate many routine tasks and leave to you what you do best:

    Develop your product and generate sales!

  • Financing

    We will help your company to alleviate cash flow restrictions and that will put more money in your pocket! Financing your company is what set us apart from the competition

    From payments to manufacturers, transportation and freight charges from origin to destination, we have you covered...

    Madison will be part of your success!

  • Technology

    Our staff includes top software programmers who have developed systems which will help you manage your sales, inventory position, orders, deliveries and returns and much more

    We will set up your master file including customers, styles, materials, colors, case packs, and line sheets

    We cover all your Fashion Company needs


Line Sheets Easily Produced

Maximizing Productivity

Multiple format exportable line sheet specifying style, material, color, casepack, E.T.A., wholesale price, retail price and factory price.

Supports American and European sizing as well as accessories and ready to wear.

  • All fields easily editable
  • Quickly and easily obtain delivery dates on all styles
  • Create UPC for selected styles at the push of a button
  • Identify manufacturer for each individual style
  • Enables control of data consistency to prevent order entry errors

Option to easily add images down to a specific style and color that will display on reports.

No more need for heavy and cumbersome lookbooks!

Manufacturer Follow Up

With Daily Tracking

  • Keep orders current and make sure all XF dates are up to date
  • Change/update any required price or x-factory date as needed
  • Factory portal detailing outstanding orders and their status
  • Real time shipment tracking from origin to destination warehouse
  • Follow up for orders past their x-factory ship date
  • Assist in any claims that need to be placed with the client’s factory

Confirmation of orders for production (with individualized frequency).

Order Processing / Management

Customer Attention

Process paper orders into a computerized system to allow research, accuracy, easy adjustments.

Use of EDI system in compliance with all major department stores.

Advise sales team of all orders they have open and what needs to be done to have them shipped.

  • Contact customer for credit card information
  • Contact customers for extensions
  • Contact customers for approval to ship early
  • Contact customer for missing information (i.e. PO’s) needed to ship
  • Log approved and unapproved discounts written on each order

Contact factor for declined customers and provide current customer credit information so that you can make the right decision regarding terms.

Cash Flow / Accounts Payable

Peace of Mind

Pay factories, freight, duty, customs and warehousing on your behalf to alleviate cash flow restraints.

Formulate availability with factor.

Organize advances with factor based on availability.

Provide financial guarantees to factoring company.

  • A/P bookkeeping
  • Payment processing
  • Factor reconciliation
  • Bank account reconciliation
  • Monthly Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss
  • Annual audit
  • Provide closing reports with back ups and reconciliation
  • Monthly closing reports


Disputes and Collection

Avoid Chargebacks

  • Resolve disputes to avoid chargebacks
  • Provide POD's to factor and customers
  • Follow up Collections for Risk Factor Invoices
  • Collections for House Account
  • Collections of unsettled disputes (House re-billings)
  • Facilitate placing an account for collection
  • Factory and Carrier claims processing

Invoicing, Routing / Shipping

And Importing

  • In-transit shipment information
  • Receive, validate and confirm shipments
  • Identify shortages or factory shipment inaccuracies and adjust records accordingly
  • Domestic warehousing in Miami, New York and Los Angeles
  • International warehousing in Canada, Spain, Hong Kong with others coming soon!
  • Request routing, create shipment documents and ship goods
  • Comply with tedious industry shipping and labeling requirements and much more

Inventory Management

Optimize Production

  • Confirmation of cartons shipped against carrier pickup receipts
  • Processing of returns and refusals
  • Coordinate physical inventories by warehouse and adjust records accordingly
  • Identify inventory discrepancies (overages and shortages from factories)
  • 24/7 real-time inventory reports

Provide / Maintain Software

Specific to your Needs

  • Customized Software for a variety of platforms and designed to address market requirements
  • Customized Software for a variety of platforms and designed to address market requirements
  • Training and support for product setup, product images, order entry, credit card processing, reporting
  • Actively look for ways to optimize systems and increase your profit
  • Software to manage sales, returns, inventory position, open orders, etc.
  • 24/7 access


✓ Advance manufacturer payments
✓ Advance all transportation and freight charges from origin to destination warehouse
✓ Advance all payments related to customs, duty, brokerage and warehousing