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When company founders Vincent Lupardi and Larry Feder were running their footwear wholesale business in the early 1970's, a shoe designer approached them with a special request: help to run his back-office functions, because the designer wanted to focus only on designing and selling.  

Back then, "outsourcing" was not even a well-defined word in the dictionary, but Vincent and Larry had a vision that this could be a huge practice in the future.  They went ahead with their first client and in the following 40 years Madison has been supporting a number of designers, among which many have become household names in the shoe industry. In the early 1990's, Jose Trespalacios, an experienced and successful shoe wholesaler, joined Madison and brought an invaluable resource to the company: a fully customized, 24 hour 7 days-a-week online footwear order entry system.

Today, after 40 plus years of well-developed practice, Madison is procuring administrative services for more than 200 shoe vendors with distribution in the US, Canada, South America and Europe and the client base continues to grow.

Madison provides the shoe vendor with a vertical integrated service from dealing with the manufacturers, managing logistics, paying expenses, providing customer servcie and collecting receivables. It is Madison's goal to give its clients the best and the most professional service at an affordable cost which adjusts downward as sales increases.